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Terry A.

I know of scientist who some years ago developed a technology for converting all forms of spirits into powdered format. From wine to liqueurs with a packaged shelf life of two years. The dehydrated product was just like Kraft Food's Crystal Light. I sampled some sake and it knock me off my feet. He had also done some vintage wines which I tasted and they were also very good!

He tried to introduce the product in Canada but the government body had know idea how to tax such a product! He did not get any support for this but my guess is he was way ahead of his time with this technology.

I am still in touch with him if you are interested.



Hi Terry, I'm interested in learning more about the productvand eventually in importing it. How can I get in touch with you?

Frank M.

I'd also love to get in touch with him. I've been searching for over 5 years on how best to dehydrate my tequilas so I can make better rubs then the store bought junk for my steaks.


I would like to get in touch with him also. Thanks. Doug.


I imagine he's using a form of lyophilization (freeze-drying). It's about the most effective way to achieve a crystal powder.


Please can u get me in touch with him?
I am experimenting with teas

Ashley Wilson

Hi Jacob. Not sure if you are still active on this blog, but I have a question. Did you try dehydrating rum at all? I'm considering trying to make some spice rubs with dehydrated liquor as the base; sugars for some infused salts for others. I'm thinking a spiced rum might be tasty with fish. BUT I'm not sure rum has enough of a sugar base. Thanks!

Camper English

Hi - dehydrating works best with liqueurs rather than base spirits, but as you note spiced rum typically has some sugar. You can always add more sugar to your spiced rum and dehydrate that. Alternatively if the rum flavor itself is not super important, you could try to emulate the flavor profile of spiced rum, which is typically vanilla with hints of cinnamon, clove and allspice aka "winter spices" with vanilla.

gavin ritz

Does anyone know how to create crystals with beer?

Camper English

@gavin You'd probably need some kind of medium for the flavor to cling to; add sugar or salt and dehydrate that... if you want beer-flavored sugar or salt.


I'm trying to figure out how to dehydrate wine for backpacking. My thought is to basically dehydrate the fruit from sangria. If I were to soak apple slices, berries, etc. in red wine for 12ish hours, and then dehydrate that fruit, should that work? Is there a fire risk with dehydrating wine/alcohol? I also have a Nesco dehydrator.

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