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A Tanqueray Shout-Out from Madonna

Madonna is two -for-two in promoting Diageo products from songs on her new ablum. In the first video for Give All Your Luvin' she had Smirnoff bottles in the background. On the new song and video (which is just words over a picture) for Girl Gone Wild, she gives a... Read more →

Tequila Production Videos

I went to a bunch of tequila distilleries a couple of weeks ago. Here are some videos of tequila production. Harvesting an agave plant at Sauza. Cutting up the agave at the Don Julio distillery to prepare it for baking. At the Olmeca Altos distillery, crushing the baked agave using... Read more →

Guatemala Miscellany

My post on how rum is aged at Zacapa will have to wait another day- I thought I fully understood it but an item on a slide tripped me up. Time for a fact-check! In the meantime, here are some other items of interest: - There is now an Alcademics... Read more →