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Book Review: Canadian Whisky Third Edition

This review first appeared on AlcoholProfessor.com. Boozy Book Review: Canadian Whisky: The Essential Portable Expert (Updated and Expanded Third Edition) By Camper English Canadian whisky has generally not inspired the culty fandom of whiskies from Scotland, Japan, or the US. The category is dominated by easy-drinking brands like Crown Royal,... Read more →

New Drink Books For Spring, Summer, and Fall 2024

Here are new drink books coming out in 2024. These are just the cocktails and spirits ones, rather than beer and wine. I would imagine there will be a lot more toward holiday 2024 but this is plenty for now! Links are to Amazon and I may earn an affiliate... Read more →

31 Fall Winter Holiday 2023 Drink Books

Here is a list of 31 drink books coming out near the end of 2023! This isn't every cocktail book coming out (and there are plenty of beer and wine ones I didn't include) but a selection of them. Happy reading or gifting or just putting them on your coffee... Read more →